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Mosaic exists to restore community through running to those  experiencing homelessness.    We run Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:20  A.M. from the True Worth Place Day Shelter.   We run  3 mile routes with a few hills.   We welcome runners and  walkers of all levels.  Our goal is training  for and  running 5k races.



Being at risk of homelessness is more then the lack of resources, it can also mean the loss of relationships. Mosaic is a non judgmental community of support.   Our invitation is to be part of our group, participate in something new and challenge yourself!


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 We need runners and walkers  to serve as coaching / mentors  on 2 runs a month.  This is a small group so you will have time to share and encourage those you run with.   Contact us below for more information.

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Mosaic Running Club

Fort Worth, Texas